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Nov 13th, 2014
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The Impact of ACA on Healthcare Communications

Written by: Cynthia Isaac, PhD

With the advent of ACA, our healthcare system is starting one of the greatest investments in patient engagement. How is this affecting the way healthcare companies communicate with patients and other stakeholders? And how does this affect our job as communicators? Multichannel approach for millennials It is estimated that approximately 40 million previously uninsured people […]

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Oct 15th, 2014
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Advocacy Partners: An Often Untapped Source for Feedback on Product-Specific Efforts

Written by: Keri McDonough

As expected, the 3rd Annual Strengthening Patient Advocacy Relations across the Life Sciences conference offered a fantastic forum for advocacy and industry leaders to discuss collaboration in disease state awareness and treatment access. The conference also met my expectations by underscoring the importance of transparency in industry-advocacy relations. What I did not expect was the […]

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Oct 9th, 2014
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Hacking Healthcare

Written by: Alina Tuttle-Melgar

In communications, we have become accustomed to an ever-changing technology landscape. Newer, faster, more personalized channels and approaches to sharing news, stories and connections are becoming available virtually every day. I mean, I can barely remember life before the Facebook “like.” But have you ever wondered exactly how we got here? One tactic helping to […]

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