In 2019, we’re digging into how influence shapes our world. Why influence? It’s inextricably tied with public relations and communications – influence is built on relationships and trust, and it is earned. Popularity doesn’t equal influence, and it’s not a simple exertion of power. Influence is ultimately about affecting change, whether in behaviors and actions or beliefs and opinions. It’s not a new idea (the seminal book Influence was originally published in 1984) but it is the hottest term in marketing right now, thanks to influencer culture (we love this Zach Braff spoof).

As public relations professionals, building trust and shaping perceptions is what we do best, and we know it’s especially critical in healthcare. We’ll look at the influencer evolution, but we’ll also delve into all aspects of what influence looks like today and what that means for those of us working in healthcare communications.

Take a look at some of our favorite influencers to follow this month.

Celebrities Getting Real About Their Health:

Micro Influencers You Need to Know:

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