In our blog this month, we talked about the (probably overabundant, definitely minefield-laden) practice of advertising and public relations campaigns leveraging awareness months that recognize and celebrate marginalized communities, such as Pride Month. But, when companies enter into these efforts by putting the community and its needs first, listening versus directing and acting as a real partner, the result can spark important discussions and drive impact far beyond impressions or audience reach. Verizon’s work in this space, first with their 2018 campaign “Pride” featuring LGBTQ people coming out to their friends and family members over the phone and the 2019 extension “Love Calls Back” helped give faces and voices to a potentially life- and love-shifting moment every LGBTQ person faces. The campaigns collectively reflect the power of acceptance and the complexities that arise when someone doesn’t get an immediate affirmation of love. The product – Verizon phones – is not the star, but the company clearly shines through this work. Read more here.