Reaching women 35-65 has become an important challenge for a number of organizations in the healthcare arena and beyond. We – women 35+ – are in the prime of our lives, careers, earning power and are also often the main decision makers when it comes to the health-related decisions related to our loved ones.

From personal experience I can say that myself and my peers in this age group have high standards and are balancing quite a lot – careers, relationships, staying in shape, dealing with health, financial and other needs of our families and/or helping our aging and ailing parents.

As a result, time is always a precious commodity and there is only a limited amount of it to capture our attention and engage our minds and hearts.

So how do we reach women in this demographic? inVentiv Health has worked with VibrantNation – an influencer marketing agency –  to answer that question. Results provide some important considerations for us in the healthcare communications industry.

A few nuggets that rang true to me are that women in this age group are more likely to use Facebook vs. other social media platforms. Additionally, they tend to rely more on the experiences of other women in the same age group (e.g., bloggers and peers) vs. a paid celebrity to influence their decisions. Lastly, women who are 35+ place importance on inspiring photos and videos and humor.

Given this, we should consider developing creative programming that focuses on the value of sharing stories by real women – being genuine is key. From my own experience that’s something that I can relate to.

We should also look to inspire and make someone laugh through multimedia content. It can certainly be tricky to use humor when talking about an unmet medical need. When used in an authentic manner that amplifies patient voice and does not alienate anyone, it can resonate and help break through the clutter.

Beyond this, we should not discount the value of Facebook in terms of engaging women 35+. Appropriately used, it can be a great way to share compelling content, crowdsource a question and create or bolster a larger community.

In summary, utilizing the power of authenticity, humor, appropriate social media channels, and multimedia content can have a strong impact on engaging the hearts and minds of women 35-65 and their larger communities.