Each month you’ll find a group of B2ers huddled in a conference room participating in our version of a film premiere – one where we show a film related to healthcare and spend time as a group discussing themes and thoughts, while all eating snacks, of course.

At B2, we are focused on keeping up with the latest trends and conversations in healthcare. Our movie night has become a tradition that helps us stay up to date while staying true to our unique B2 culture. Debuting in 2018, one of our team members will choose a film that interests them, related to healthcare in ANY way, and then presents it to the rest of the team raising discussion points and uncovering how it relates to the work we do every day.

This month, we screened the film “Period. End of Sentence” – an award-winning documentary short that takes place in a small village in rural India, where menstruation is highly stigmatized among men and women. When a new machine is gifted by a group of American high school students, the women of the village are able to make and use low-cost sanitary pads for the first time, which helps address health, education and financial issues. We learned that something as commonplace as a sanitary pad brought hope to this village of women.

Our conversation focused on how the film was able to drive a global issue and its impact to the forefront while also drawing attention to the female empowerment movement, illuminating the influential effect of film. It garnered media coverage in top-tier outlets such as The New York Times, NPR, Glamour, etc., sparking conversation about a topic that has remained largely taboo until now among the community and policy makers. We also discussed clients we’ve supported in areas focused on stigmatized conditions, such as reproductive health and addiction, and the creative campaigns that empowered patients to talk about these important issues. As communicators, leveraging innovative platforms can not only help tell a story, but also influence public perception in the hopes of making a positive impact.